Friday, November 26, 2004

Arizona Beats ASU!

The Arizona Wildcats beat Arizona State today, 34-27! It was a most amazing, wonderful, exhilarating, nail-biter of a game. Back-and-forth, back-and-forth. UA's defense did an amazing job, the offense much less so. Still, for the Wildcats to come back after a truly dismal season and take this one away from ASU (if I remember correctly, records coming in were UA 2-8, and ASU 8-2) shows just how wacky this game can be.

A special moment for me came right after the game, when I bumped into two of my brothers in Phi Mu Alpha. They are both teaching in the Phoenix area -- one is a band teacher, the other technology.

Thursday, November 25, 2004

Happy Thanksgiving to all! I had a very nice gathering with my Dad, stepmom and my brothers up in Tempe. Later on my beautiful nieces and nephew showed up too! Unfortunately my sister didn't feel up to coming, but it was a wonderful meal and gathering nonetheless.

Tuesday, November 23, 2004

This Friday is the annual "Duel in the Desert" -- the Arizona-ASU football game. Check out Greg Hansen: ASU vs. UA.
Thanks be to God! My sister had her surgery this morning and it went well. The doctor decompressed the nerve going through her elbow. There was some concern that after doing that the nerve might pop out of place when she moved it, but apparently the doctor is convinced that's not a problem so they didn't have to do anything else with her, which is good. They were also able to do this without general anesthesia, which is always good (especially for my sister as she tends to get nauseous). So she's home and resting.

Monday, November 22, 2004

Of course, today is the 41st anniversary of the death of our first (and only) Catholic President, John F. Kennedy. Rest in peace, Mr. Kennedy.

Sunday, November 21, 2004

Mark Shea has posted a very nice poem by Pavel Chichikov, dedicated to Gerard Bugge (a.k.a. Gerard Serafin). Check it out.

Thursday, November 18, 2004

If you think things are bad in your diocese, read this letter from Archbishop O'Malley of Boston. I wonder how long it will be before such things are happening here in Tucson.
Very sad news. I just read on Catholic Light that Mark Shea had posted (see how things travel through the blogosphere?) that Gerard Serafin has passed away. While I did not frequently read his blog, when I did I always came away edified. His strong love for God and His Church shone in everything he wrote. I often, truth be told, felt a bit shamed after reading his take on things -- his love and tolerance showed so clearly my own often rash judgments and quickness of temper. Rest in peace, Gerard -- and put in a good word for us!

In paradisum deducant te Angeli; in tuo adventu suscipiant te Martyres, et perducant te in civitatem sanctam Jerusalem.

Chorus Angelorum te suscipiant, et cum Lazaro quondam paupere aeternam habeas requiem.

Check out Jack Perry's review of the new Thérèse movie. I've not seen it yet (it showed in Tucson for about 1.5 weeks but I wasn't able to make it).

Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Monday, November 15, 2004

Prayer request. My best friend Maria had a rough weekend. First, they had to put down their beloved dog Roadie, and now her mother-in-law is going in for surgery to remove an aggressive cancer. Please pray for Carolyn, her doctors, and the whole family. Thanks.

Friday, November 12, 2004

From David Morrison's blog -- Don't Say Father:

Don't Say Father

Don't Say Father
if each day you do not behave like a son.
Don't say Our
if you live shut off in yourself.
Don't say Who art in Heaven
if you think only of worldly things.

Don't say Hallowed be Thy Name
unless you really honor it.
Don't say Thy Kingdom come
if you have a material outcome in mind.
Don't say Thy Will be done
unless you are ready to accept it when it hurts.
Don't say our daily bread
unless you care about the hungry.
Don't say forgive us our trespasses
if you bear a grudge against someone.
Don't say deliver us from evil,
unless you are prepared to make a stand against it.
Let the words of Our Father sink in.
Don't say Amen unless you really mean it.

Found on wall of a church in Uruguay.

I just talked with the doctor's office, and my hernia surgery is scheduled for Monday 12/6. It will be at St. Joseph's hospital, which makes me happy. I like having these things done at a Catholic hospital.

Thursday, November 11, 2004

Happy Veteran's Day. A big THANKS to all the veterans out there for there service to our country.

Wednesday, November 10, 2004

An update on the Diocese's bankruptcy -- Kicanas outlines financial resources. Claims must be reported by April 15th.

Monday, November 08, 2004

Another poll. This one is about right, I think:

You Are a Conservative Democrat

Frankly, the way most other Democrats behave embarasses you greatly.

You pride yourself on a high level of morals, and you have a good grasp on right and wrong.

It's likely you think America needs to get back to its conservative, Juedo-Christian values.

Why aren't you a Republican then? Because you believe the goverment helps more than hurts.

This isn't quite right, I'll fix it later.

Friday, November 05, 2004

I've been talking about this since the election and now CNN's commenting too -- the big story about the election is what didn't happen. No terrorism, no massive election problems, and despite predictions of massive young voter turnout, the "youth bloc" was the percentage as in 2000 -- while it did increase, so did turnout among all voters.
A good column on why the Dems lost and what happens for them next -- Democratic Party ready for extreme makeover.

Thanks to Mark Shea for the link.

Wednesday, November 03, 2004

I tried to blog on this earlier but Blogger seemed to be having problems. Anyway, the election is over and it's a convincing win for Bush. To his credit, Kerry is taking this gracefully and gave a nice concession speech. Thanks be to God, the popular vote and the electoral college agree this time. President Bush also gave a nice victory speech.

Mark Shea has some interesting (and amusing) insights on the election. I'm glad it's over.

Oh yes, the (second-) best part of the election -- my friend Alex Rodriguez won a spot on the Tucson Unified School District Board! Way to go Alex! I know he will do a super job and make us all proud.

A final quote, and a nice one that should give us all pause to thank God for our country:

... in an American election, there are no losers, because whether or not our
candidates are successful, the next morning we all wake up as Americans.

--John Kerry

Addendum (my original post):

It's all over but the shouting, and even that is dying down. In the wake of President Bush's victory, CNN says Small inroads make difference for Bush. I like this quote:

More exit poll respondents -- about 22 percent -- called "moral values" the
election's most important issue then cited the economy, terrorism or Iraq.
Those expressing this sentiment backed the president overwhelmingly, 79 percent
to Kerry's 18 percent. Bush did similarly well among the 19 percent who
identified terrorism as their top issue.

Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Health Update. I saw the surgeon today about my hernia. He basically told me all the stuff I'd already been told, but also said I should probably be off the ice for 3 (!) weeks. I suspect I will not be able to keep myself off the ice for 3 weeks but I suppose I'll try to be good. Anyway, I've asked for a date the 2nd week of December, which is after our holiday show at the rink. The nurse is supposed to call me and let me know when they've scheduled me.

Monday, November 01, 2004

Jimmy Akin explains just what's at stake in this election. Check it out. Thanks to the lovely Jeanetta for the link.

I have a friend who is, in all visible respects, a faithful Catholic, but is voting for Kerry. I just can't understand how someone who is not, as far as I can see, a cafeteria Catholic can justify voting for Kerry. I just don't get it.

For me, the issue is clear -- John Kerry is morally bankrupt, and therefore unfit to be president. It's really that simple. Any man who can claim that life begins at conception, yet support the killing of innocent life, has no moral compass and shouldn't be elected dogcatcher, much less President of the United States. And it's not just abortion! He's wrong on abortion, yes, but also on embryonic stem cells, and on gay marriage. Not clear on euthanasia. He's wrong on some many issues that are not negotiable because they are intrinsically evil! Why can't people understand that? Is it that they don't think 1+ million dead babies a year are important, or that the economy or the war in Iraq outweighs that? Or do they not think Kerry's serious in intending to only nominate judges who will continue to legislate the Culture of Death from the bench? What is it? I just don't get it. Why is it that a Methodist can speak movingly of building a culture of life in the U.S. but a former altar boy (as he likes to remind us) can't even speak the words, can't even speak for those unable to speak for themselves?

I just don't get it.